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Plasma Rendering
Plasma Diagnostics
Plasma Sensors offers full system for the probe measurements. Our Multifunctional Plasma Probe Analyzer (MFPA) includes the controller device communicating with Windows based machine and the software package which support the probe EEDF measurements in steady and time-varying plasmas. Our Plasma Probes are expertly designed to suppress RF interferences and minimize plasma disturbances. Our Probe Linear Drive allows spatial measurements in plasma chambers.

Multifunctional Plasma Probe Analyzer (MFPA)

Multifunctional Plasma Analyzer
MFPA controller device

Multifunctional Plasma Analyzer Interface
MFPA display of the probe I(V) characteristic, its derivatives, EEPF and plasma parameters obtained in positive column of Ar discharge. Acquired data were averaged for 5 seconds.

Multifunctional Plasma Analyzer Characteristics
MFPA measured EEDF evolution in time-varying plasma

MFPA is the next generation of our probe instruments, adding multi- functionality, enhanced capabilities and unique state-of-the-art features unavailable in any other commercial products: MFPA can be configured to output real-time data for the end of process detection and the deposition rate assessment.
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Plasma probes

Plasma Sensors provides two types of air jet cooled probes. Our plasma probes design minimizes EEDF distortion through efficient RF signal rejection and wide band noise suppression. The end section and the tip holder of our probes are miniaturized to eliminating the plasma disturbance. Standard probe for EEDF measurements has built-in filter with RF rejection in the range between 2 and 200 MHz. The probe comes with easy replaceable probe tips using Tungsten or Iridium wire with diameters 0.5 to 0.05 mm. The probes could be ordered in sizes which fit particular customer requirements. The probe filters can also be built to meet custom frequency ranges.

Multifanctional Plasma Probes
Plasma probes
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Probes with built-in filters are not required for DC and RF afterglow discharge measurements. For such experiments we offer an elegant probe with the probe shaft d = 4mm.
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Probe Linear Drive

Probe Linear Drive
Probe Linear Drive

The Probe Linear Drive permits automated spatially resolved measurements with our plasma probes. Our standard Drive has 30 cm full travel range and NW-40 flange connector to the plasma chamber. The Linear Drive travel length and the connection flange can be customized to the customer specifications.
The Linear Drive controller software provides seamless interface for synchronization with the probe measurement routines.