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Company founder Dr. Valery Godyak, a former Corporate Scientist at Osram Sylvania is a winner of the 2004 James Clerk Maxwell Prize in Plasma Physics "for fundamental contributions to the physics of low temperature plasmas, including radio frequency heating, sheath physics, potential profiles, diagnostics probes and the industrial applications of plasmas".

Company Principal Engineer Benjamin Alexandrovich is an experienced designer of scientific instruments. He came up with several original ideas which made possible real time EEDF measurements with high energy resolution and wide dynamic range.

EEDF acquisition technique developed by Godyak and Alexandrovich made possible several pioneering experiments leading to discovery of new phenomena in low pressure RF discharge plasma, such as heating mode transition in CCP, EEDF at the condition of anomalous skin effect in ICP and the effect of ponderomotive force on EEDF in ICP.

Godyak and Alexandrovich are world recognized experts in the probe diagnostics.They are the authors of numerous publications and they have been invited to present their work at various industry and research conferences.
Our expertise is readily available for all custom applications of our products.